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Hosted Exchange


Our Hosted Exchange service gives you an email system that’s easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and works on any device.

Our team have configured Hosted Exchange services for hundreds of clients already, including migrations from customers with older versions of Exchange on site, and from traditional POP3 and IMAP email servers.

Our pricing is competitive too, we can price match any of the competition for you, and unlike others, our price includes support.

For new businesses, Hosted Exchange is a great way to get professional email services at a very, very low cost.

Get in touch to find out more, and take a look at our example scenarios below.

Hosted Exchange works on many devices, including the iPhone

What else can you do?

Another great feature is that it’s available, anywhere in the world. You can connect using any device, in any location with internet access. Approach will configure your domain name ( for free when the service is taken out.

You can also couple this service along side Hosted Sharepoint, Office 365 and also add Microsoft Office licensing from a low monthly charge as little as £6.99 extra.

Finally, you can couple this service with MailArmor Anti-Spam at a reduced rate when purchased together. Contact us to find out more.

Common scenarios

We’ve dealt with a lot of customers who have wondered what the best way to deal with their email server issues were, and this experience is now used to get new customers a great service.

Take a look below to see some of the most common situations that you may be able to relate to.

A server with an unsupported version of Exchange

As time goes on, Microsoft drop support for Operating Systems and Software because it’s just simply too old. When this support ends, security holes are no longer fixed, and bugs are no longer dealt with. This is not only risky for security, but commonly causes issues within the server and with 3rd party software.

We’ve migrated customers to Exchange in the cloud hundreds of times. We develop a time scale, a plan and execute it to minimize down time for the end user.

Our specially made tools mean we can migrate all your emails straight into your new cloud based Exchange mailbox without any loss.

We can then safely remove Exchange from your local server, freeing up resources (which will improve performance) and reducing security risks. This also means you can often extend the usage life of your in house server too, saving thousands.

A pop3 email system, that’s unreliable with no backup

Many customers have used POP3 email systems with reliability issues for years. Not only are they often configured badly, but they look unprofessional and have no active backups.

We’ve migrated users away from POP3, reconfiguring the website and moving all emails to the Hosted Exchange platform. We often do this over night to minimize disruption.

Peace of mind is achieved because all our Hosted Exchange mailboxes have active backup switched on, meaning you can go back 30 days even if an email is permanently deleted.

Companies who need encrypted and secure email systems

We’ve put customers onto our Hosted Exchange platform before, who’s only reason to move was security.
When your data is sensitive, you need to know that if someone tries to break in, they aren’t going to get it. That’s why are Hosted Exchange platform runs on the highest level of encryption, and is only run on UK based data centers.

Your connections to the server are encrypted using RSA SSL encryption too, no matter what device you are using.

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